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Tongue Tied Twin is a far travelled outlaw one man band who plays dirty blues and wild garage rock'n'roll with loads of infectious positive energy.
Famous for distorted bottleneck slide guitar riffs played on handmade guitars, accompanied by stomping kickdrum, battered hi-hat and distorted vocals along with some wailing blues harp, Tongue Tied Twin will blow your mind.
This one man alone is delivering the power and noisy presence of a full band, and he's doing so with a big smile on his face.

Tongue Tied Twin built many of his instruments himself, such as cigar box guitars, canjos, an electrified suitcase kickdrum, a primitive loop-station megaphone among other things.

Tongue Tied Twin is part of a very lively international one man band scene.
On his travels he shared the stage with many other great one man and one woman bands, such as Sheriff Perkins, Thee Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger, Chicken Diamond, Reverend Beat-Man, King Automatic, Urban Junior, Becky Lee and Drunk Foot, One Man Destruction Show, Chuck Violence, Sacha Love, Cello Inferno, Slim Wild Boar, Extreme Blues Dog, Molly Gene One Whoaman Band, Sedlmeir, Harp Explosion, Giancane, Slimguib's and others.

Tongue Tied Twin performed in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Wales, Scotland, Serbia, Croatia, Portugal and Italy.

Occasionally Tongue Tied Twin can also be found busking on the streets of Europe, kicking his suitcase and sliding on is handcrafted guitars.

- Deutsch -
In der grossen weiten Welt da draussen gibt es einige Blues und primitive Rock'n'Roll One Man Bands welche die musikalische Messlatte sehr hoch anlegen! Der Winterthurer Blues Trasher alias Tongue Tied Twin ist ebenfalls einer von diesen Ein-Mann-Orchestern die uns mit ihrem energiegeladem und wildem Rock n Roll immer wieder beglücken! Der gute T.T.T. wird uns mit seinen schmutzigen Slide-Gitarren-Riffs auf seinen selbergebauten Gitarren, mit Hi-Hat, Kick-Drum, Bluesharp und Megaphon mächtig eins auf die Mütze geben!

- Francais -
Tongue Tied Twin. "Ce monstre d'énergie positive arrose son public d'un blues fulgurant. Impossible de rester sans bouger devant les rythmiques entraînantes. Harmonica, guitare saturée et batterie, c'est l'arsenal du démon."

More in dept information...
Tongue Tied Twin started to play guitar at the age of 12 and always played in live bands since he was 15 years old.
He learned how to hit the guitar hard and fast in his early 20's while playing in a wild crossover hardcore band in Zurich, Switzerland.
Then he moved to Wales and joined a garage rock band and got signed by a London based record label. After 4 years of mediocre success the band split, the money run out and T.T.T. returned to Switzerland.
However the connection to Wales still remains strong, as Tongue Tied Twin keeps on working on Projects with welsh musicians up to this day.

In 2004 Tongue Tied Twin bought his own drum-kit and started to play one-man-band-style without really knowing what he was doing.
The first public one man band performance came in 2007 as part of a street theatre group playing at the "Theaterspektakel" festival in Zuerich.
After his son was born in 2008 he quit all other bands and devoted his time fully to this solo traveling outlaw one man band and never looked back since !!

September 2016
7" Single, "In My Head" on Noisegames Records (CH)

August 2016
Split 7" "3Bvs3T" with Jimi Triple B
on Noisegames Records (CH)

December 2014
Album, LP/CD, "Travel Alone" on Noisegames Records (CH)

July 2013
Compilation LP, East Side Movers Rhine Valley Groover
on Smoking Hell Records (CH)

March 2013
Cassette Tape, Tongue Tied Twin live at Plan B, Bootleg

April 2012

December 2011

September 2011
one-sided 7" on STENCIL TRASH RECORDS (D)

January 2011
6-Track EP “blues trash one man band” on NOISEGAMES RECORDS (CH)

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