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limited 91 front cover
limited 91 back cover

one-sided 7inch

Released: September 2011 (STR006)

clear green wax with black streaks.

A1 - 1000 Godina
A2 - Getting Laid
A3 - Lorraine

Limited 91 / Limited 29
Limited 13 Test Pressing

Released on
Stencil Trash Records

maybe still availlable on
Ventilator Records
Klang und Kleid
Squoodge Records


limited 29 front cover
limited 29 back cover

test presing front cover
test pressing back cover
Review by Roman from Corporate Rock Knockout (CRKO Fanzine).

Tongue Tied Twin
s/t 7”
[Stencil Trash Records] Another One-man-Band gem on german Stencil Trash Records! After only 6 releases, in the world of OMBs Stencil Trash already has a name as a label that puts out only great stuff and swiss TONGUE TIED TWIN is no exception! A lot of people seem to be bored of this scene lately but I so don’t agree with that, especially when someone puts so much love, enthusiasm and energy in his songs like Christian Buehlmann – TTT is way more rock’n’roll than a lot of stuff I listened to lately! And he surely has more balls than a lot other blues- or country-driven one-man-bands – I’d almost say he’s something like the AC/DC- or ZZ TOP- version of this genre if that didn’t sound so cheesy. Anyway, this is a one-sided piece of gold with three equally great songs on it (“1000 godina”,”Getting laid”,”Lorraine”) and is actually the first vinyl release of him after a 6-song ep and a compilation track that were cd-only. As usual with Stencil Trash there are two regular but still limited editions (plus test-pressing and an overpressed one) in coloured vinyl and with this great stencilled art that gave the label the name and the fame. Recommended!
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